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Accelerating Airlines Ancillary Journey

We support airlines through the ancillary journey with state of the art data science solutions.

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Move faster – Evolve smarter

The science driving airlines ancillary journey

AncillaryBox support airlines through the ancillary journey with data solutions, proprietary targeting algorithms and APIs to deliver high margin ancillary sales.

Move faster – Evolve smarter

Tailored ancillary revenue solutions

The AncillaryBox team combines the functional expertise of state of the art data science, web solutions and commercial experience at over 100 airlines in the development of tailored ancillary revenue solutions.

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Our Products
The science driving the next level of ancillary growth

AncillaryBox AI.D

Data Platform

The AI. D data platform combines data from multiple sources, including historic airline ticket data and proprietary industry datasets, to derive expenditure and behavioral insights to improve conversion rates.

AncillaryBox AI.R

API Solutions

AI. R provides an API solution for selected high margin third party products to plug into the booking process or post booking touch points to drive higher revenue per passenger.

AncillaryBox AI.M

Targeting Engine

AI. M uses data feeds from AI.D plus AncillaryBox’s proprietary algorithms to personalize ancillary offering for each customer in the booking process and other touch points or to feed a CRM system.

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The services driving the next level of ancillary growth
Move faster – Evolve smarter

Advisory commercial consulting

Our team of former executives from leading LCCs and FSCs with proven track records can provide advisory services focused on ancillary revenues, distribution, revenue management and branded fares.

Text: Ancillary Revenues, Distribution, Branded Fares and Revenue Management
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Our Team
The people driving the next level of ancillary growth
Portrait of David Hoppin

David Hoppin

Chief Executive Officer
David has an extensive background with data and web solutions, having previously been CEO at Diio and leading the development of IATA DDS data (with 10 billion+ records). After the sale of Diio, David has now shifted his focus to ancillary revenues.
Portrait of Swavek Brzeski

Swavek Brzeski

Chief Technology Officer
The former Director Revenue Business Intelligence at United Airlines, Swavek has spent the last twenty years focused on business intelligence, data analytics and developing of web solutions.
Portrait of Christina Fischer

Christina Fischer

Advisory Board Member
Christina has more than twenty years experience in aviation, e-commerce, sales, digital marketing and social media. She has been working for Star Alliance, in the USA and Germany, managing airline boards with representatives of up to 26 airlines, as well as digital agencies and global IT vendors.
Portrait of Dagmar Gaede

Dagmar Gaede

Advisory Board Member
Dagmar has 10+ years experience as a senior leader in digital and e-commerce payment products. She held leadership roles at PayPal, J.D.Power & Associates/McGraw-Hill and Oxford University. Dagmar holds an MA (Oxon) and MBA from Oxford University, where she also studied as a Rhodes Scholar for Germany.
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